23 April 2024


Humane News

Thank You & What’s Next.

We’d like to thank every one of our early customers for sharing their first experiences with Ai Pin. All feedback is valuable, and we are working rapidly and with focus to improve the experience in a few key areas. Here’s what we’re shipping next:

Priority areas — Our priorities are (1) improving battery life and thermal management, (2) reducing response latency, and (3) fine tuning accuracy for a smoother experience.

Our first updates — Ai Pin and CosmOS are designed to improve and become more versatile over time with server side changes and over-the-air (OTA) software updates. This week, we’re rolling out Ai Mic accuracy improvements across user support, weather, notes, music, and Vision (Beta). These updates are in the cloud and are available to all Ai Pins immediately.

Our first OTA update for Ai Pin adds video stabilization and improvements to the contacts experience, and will begin rolling out to devices in the coming weeks. You'll need to make sure your Ai Pin is connected to Wi-Fi, has been unlocked, and left on your Charge Pad overnight in order to update.

You can view our change log for the latest updates and more information. And as always, you can join our Discord community here.

Staying true to our mission — Our entire team is listening closely to your feedback and is committed to building a future where AI-powered devices and experiences integrate seamlessly into all of our lives. Now more than ever, we are determined to drive toward this future, and continue to evolve the platform and customer experience - shipping quickly and transparently.

Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback! This is just the first page of the first chapter of an all-new product category and OS platform. We are energized to build and incorporate what we’ve learned from your experiences using Ai Pin. We’ll frequently ship improvements, fixes, and some surprises we think you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned!

Thank you,
Bethany, Imran, and the entire Humane team.

The price for the Ai Pin Complete System starts at $699. Taxes and fees not included. Ai Pin requires an active subscription. $24/month, taxes and fees not included, subscription automatically renews until cancelled.

For more information, review

Ai Pin Complete System includes Ai Pin, Battery Booster, Charge Pad, USB-C Cable & Adapter + Charge Case & extra Booster. Applies to Humane Core Plan only.

* Premium Add-Ons and additional services not included.