The Humane Subscription

$24/month + taxes & fees

To use your Ai Pin, you’ll need a monthly subscription, which includes access to the Ai Bus, an unlimited wireless service plan, and cloud storage. Billing begins once you activate your Ai Pin.


You must purchase a monthly subscription in order to use Ai Pin. The Humane Subscription pays for your cloud data storage, access to Ai services, and a domestic cellular plan with unlimited talk, text, and data. When your Ai Pin is ready to ship, you’ll be invited to set up your Humane subscription, create your passcode, sync your contacts and more.

What’s included

Wireless service

Ai Pin comes with a phone number and unlimited talk, text, and data. Humane’s wireless service is connected by T-Mobile.

Secure cloud storage

Memories captured with your Ai Pin are uploaded to your Humane.Center account to view, share, and search.

Ai services

Access to Ai Pin experiences, partner services, and intelligence powered by Ai running in the cloud and on-device. These experiences will be expanding with new partnerships and innovations over time.

Plan Summary

Core Plan

The Humane Subscription is $24/month plus taxes and fees.

Billing cycle


Start date

Once you complete subscription sign-up, you will receive a charge of $24 + taxes and fees on your payment method. The date of this charge does not indicate the start of the billing cycle. The billing cycle begins the date the device has been received and successfully activated.


Limited domestic roaming

Phone and Wireless Features

  • A dedicated phone number for your Ai Pin
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data within the U.S.
  • Unlimited texting to international numbers from the U.S.
  • Voicemail and voicemail transcription
  • Three-way calling
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID

Humane operates its own wireless service, connected by T-Mobile. We also offer paid add-ons for long distance calling and international roaming. Also note that Ai Pin cannot be used as a hotspot at this time.

Managing a Subscription

Once you setup your Humane Subscription it can be managed directly in your Account under the Subscription & Billing section. Review data usage, billing statements, update your payment method and sign up for Premium add-ons at your convenience. If you need to pause your subscription, you may do so for one billing cycle and continue to have access until your current billing cycle ends. Once paused, your device will be in a blocked state but your data will be accessible within your account. If you have a change of heart, simply unpause.

Canceling a Subscription

The Humane Subscription may be canceled at any time. If the cancellation is submitted prior to your next billing date, you will have access through the end of the current billing cycle. After the billing cycle ends, your subscription will be canceled. While you will still have access to the data within your account, the device will be inoperable. If you do not reactivate your Humane Subscription within 60 days, your phone number will be rescinded.

Premium Add-On: International Calling

The International Calling plan allows you to make international calls to over 80 countries from the U.S. with your Ai Pin. It can be added to your Humane subscription for $15 per month and includes unlimited calling to over 80 countries.

Premium Add-On: International Roaming

International Roaming passes allow you to use your Ai Pin’s phone, SMS, and data connectivity while traveling outside the U.S. in over 200 countries. You can choose from the following three International Roaming passes depending on your travel needs, all include unlimited talk, text, and data for the duration of the pass.

You can add International Roaming passes in Humane.Center and select a start date for any pass. You can buy multiple passes, but you cannot activate multiple passes at the same time. Passes can be canceled any time before their start date. Passes cannot be refunded after they have started. Passes are not available on a subscription basis. If your Roaming usage exceeds 50% of your total data usage in any 3 months within a 12-month period, you may be subject to suspension or disconnection of service.

Pass DurationPrice
1 day$5
10 days$35
30 days$50
If you have any questions, contact Humane support

The price for the Ai Pin Complete System starts at $699. Taxes and fees not included. Ai Pin requires an active subscription. $24/month, taxes and fees not included, subscription automatically renews until cancelled.

For more information, review

Ai Pin Complete System includes Ai Pin, Battery Booster, Charge Pad, USB-C Cable & Adapter + Charge Case & extra Booster. Applies to Humane Core Plan only.

* Premium Add-Ons and additional services not included.