9 May 2023


Humane News

Humane previews first product in TED Talk.

Humane, Inc. gave a preview of its first product in a TED Talk recorded last month. The talk “The disappearing computer – and life when you can take AI everywhere” given by co-founder Imran Chaudhri outlines Humane’s perspective on designing devices for an Ai-driven future.

At TED2023 in Vancouver, Humane gave a glimpse of the standalone device, which is built from the ground up for artificial intelligence. It is a small, lightweight, clothing-based wearable that can be worn in many different ways. It uses optical sensors that allow new kinds of contextual and ambient compute interactions that are ‘seamless, screenless and sensing’. This was a live demonstration of just some of the product’s use cases and features.

Imran outlines how Humane has worked to build a product that’s more transparent about its behaviors than the devices people use today and has built hardware and software which puts the user first from the outset.

Imran Chaudhri, Co-Founder, Chairman, and President of Humane, commented: “We believe Ai presents a huge opportunity for us to redefine our relationship to technology and that it will enable personal mobile computing to become faster, more powerful and easier to use. The first Humane device will allow people to bring Ai with them everywhere and we’re really looking forward to revealing more at our launch later this year.”

The price for the Ai Pin Complete System starts at $699. Taxes and fees not included. Ai Pin requires an active subscription. $24/month, taxes and fees not included, subscription automatically renews until cancelled.

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