20 April 2023


Humane Media

Good Ai is Humane.

Why it's important to advocate and practice good design principles in the intelligence age.

We firmly believe that technology should be crafted to serve people, not the other way around. Humane is an experience company that uses technology for good, and not a technology company that finds good reasons to experience technology. There’s a difference, and that difference means putting people first — by design.

Our focus is on crafting Ai technology that is not only powerful but also thoughtfully designed and a joy to use. As we build towards launch, we wanted to share our 10 principles for designing Good Ai so that others can join us in our journey to create a brighter, more connected future where Ai technology is designed to uplift humanity, rather than overpower it.

¹ Good Ai is Trustworthy.

Ai should be designed with the utmost respect for privacy and security, ensuring that users' data is protected and their trust is earned.

² Good Ai is Ethical.

Ai should be designed with an understanding of the ethical implications of its use, and should always prioritize the well-being of its user.

³ Good Ai is Transparent.

Ai should be transparent in its decision-making processes, allowing users to understand and trust the technology.

See what Trust and Privacy mean to us:

⁴ Good Ai is Innovative.

Ai should seek to advance the lives of its users, not just be a new thing.

⁵ Good Ai is Useful.

Ai should be designed with intention, solving real problems in a meaningful way.

⁶ Good Ai is Efficient.

Ai should work efficiently, without wasting resources or causing unnecessary strain to the experience.

⁷ Good Ai is Human-centered.

Ai should be designed with the needs and perspectives of its users in mind, always striving to improve their experience.

See how Truth drives our Technology:

⁸ Good Ai is Accessible.

Ai should be designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that its benefits can be enjoyed by everyone–regardless of ability.

⁹ Good Ai is Inclusive.

Ai should be designed for all, accounting for the diverse needs and perspectives of its wide range of users. 

¹⁰ Good Ai is Timeless.

Ai should be designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring that its benefits can be enjoyed for years to come.

See how Joy touches all of us through Design:

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