Laser SafetyAi Pin's Laser Ink Display is a Class 2 laser which is similar to many lasers you use or see on a daily basis.
Laser Safty
Laser Information
Class 2 Consumer Product
Class 2 Consumer Laser Product
A Class 2 laser emits a beam, safe for eyes under accidental exposure. It does not necessitate safety eye wear and is not a burn hazard for skin or materials.
Classified per IEC/EN 60825-1:2014, EN 50689:2021
Laser Technical Information
Peak wavelength: 498 nm, nominal
Projection divergence half angles: 18.2° x 13.3°
Projection divergence full FOV: 18.2° x 13.3° Projection divergence half angles: 9.1° x 6.7°
Variable pulse duration, 10 ns to 20 µs
Peak emissions: 25 mW.
The label below is provided here rather than being affixed to the product, in accordance with Laser Notice No. 53, dated March 23, 2007Laser notice